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12 May 2017 by Online Carry Training

While the definition of “senior citizen” varies a lot, it usually is defined as those age 60 (or age 65 in several states) and older.

“Senior citizens” now represent the most rapidly growing segment of the United States’ population. Some estimate that currently one in every eight Americans is age 65 or older, a total of more than 35 million.

40% of people over 65 report owning a firearm.  With the population in the United States aging, it should come as no surprise that the number of mature adults purchasing guns and signing up for firearms training has also increased.  According to the NRA, the number of people over 65 who received training from certified firearms instructors is 4 times greater than what it was in 2010.

From the standpoint of handgun choices, a rifle or shotgun would be too heavy and awkward for your mom to handle compared to a smaller weapon. If a gun causes tension, pain or is otherwise uncomfortable to fire, it is unlikely that your mom will be able to fire competently should the need arise.

Your mom needs to carry a gun that she can handle and shoot! A revolver is the easiest to manipulate. You don’t have to pull back a heavy and tight slide as on a semi-auto. You just open the cylinder and load or unload 5, 6, 7, or whatever number of cartridges. The trigger is the safety because it requires a long and deliberate pull to discharge.

Larger sights are easier for elderly eyes to find quick, as are sights that offer contrasting colors between the front and rear sight posts.

As a final note, signing your mom up for classes with a certified firearms instructor is essential. No matter what your age is, competence with a firearm is only as good as the amount of practice that you put into it.

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