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12 September 2017 by Online Carry Training

There are many methods for concealed carry training that are available including getting your CCW online. So how do you ferret out the best method of obtaining your concealed carry permit? For me it all comes down to what these courses actually deliver to their students.

There are some online courses that only involve having a student watch a video about handgun safety, take an online test about safety and then the student earns a certificate that allows them to apply for a “non-resident concealed carry permit”. Truly legitimate concealed carry permit courses will offer both an in-person resident permit to carry course and a comprehensive non-resident online permit to carry course that covers not only handgun safety but handgun essentials, laws regarding the use of deadly force and where firearms are prohibited, reciprocity and situational awareness.

Many state legislatures recognize concealed carry permits from other states, which will legally allow a non-resident concealed carry permit holder to carry a firearm in that state. Currently Minnesota’s permit to carry is honored by 24 states.

The problem with many CCW permit online courses is that the student will not really have met any of the requirements established for Minnesota residents to carry a concealed handgun. They will not know the law pertaining to concealed carry and the use of deadly force. Knowledge of the law is at the foundation of concealed carry, and more importantly the keystone for responsible gun ownership. Bypassing the teaching of the laws of handgun use deadly force and reciprocity leaves the student ill prepared to carry a gun responsibly.

Why would we want people to carry a handgun without some demonstrated knowledge of how to handle it in a safe and responsible way? There must be standards for citizens to carry a concealed firearm. If we as responsible members of the firearms community do not set those standards, someone will do it for us and we will not like the outcome. Someone who takes a short cut online CCW course will use their firearm and kill someone when they are not justified in doing so. The result will be a backlash from the public against ALL concealed carriers.

At that point everyone who has a concealed carry permit and earned it by taking the instruction that delivers the state mandated requirements, will be painted in the same light as those who did not. We will all be labeled as “Gun Nuts, just looking for the chance to shoot someone.” We have to prove everyday to those who wish to ban firearms that we as gun owners are responsible, safe, law abiding citizens.

When you are a responsibly armed citizen, you:

1. Must know and abide by the laws limiting the use of lethal force.

2. Must avoid altercations and understand that you will be held to higher standards of restraint and responsibility than an unarmed person.

3. Stay aware of your surroundings so you can avoid trouble or deal with it promptly and effectively if you need to.

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