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26 September 2017 by Online Carry Training

Carjacking, or the violent theft of an automobile, is one of the fastest growing crimes worldwide. Although the crime is often completed by way of intimidation, it is just as often accomplished with pre-emptive violence. Like most street crimes it happens very quickly…especially if you’re not prepared.

Just as with the precautions you would take while on foot, you want to have a good amount of situational awareness so you are able to see your attacker coming in enough time to take action.  A stopped car is a tactical liability but a moving car is an asset and a weapon. As long as your vehicle is moving, your chances of success against a carjacking are very good. If you’re stopped, you want to make sure you are positioned to move quickly enough to evade your attackers.

When you park, remember to position your vehicle so you can drive off without any preparatory maneuvers. If you can, back in to a parking place whenever possible. When stopped in traffic keep a distance from the car in front of you sufficient enough to be able to see the rear tires of the car in front of you. If you had to accelerate away quickly, know where your car would go. Always look for escape routes. Also adjust and use all your mirrors to maximum advantage. You should be able to see an entire three sixty with one glance across the front of your windshield area.

The steering wheel is to your car, like a trigger is to a firearm. If your hands are fiddling with the CD changer, or the cell phone, you will not be able to see what’s coming and get out in time. Keep at least one hand on the wheel at all times. If driving a manual transmission vehicle, stay in first gear. Keep your doors locked and windows up.

If you, or your passengers are armed, your rules of engagement should be simple, legal, and understood by all. If something happens and your car is running and you must react, simply drive away from the threat. If you cannot escape, then a firearm may help to save the day.

You should always have a plan for the worst case—what to do if you don’t realize you have a problem until there is a gun in your face. You should have already decided what to do. It’s easy to say that you’ll simply get out and let them have your car. But what if you have family members seated within? What if you have infants strapped in their car seats? No one in their right mind would let the bad guy have them as well as your car. At such a point, going for it and trying to shoot them is the only real option left.

Another situation that you may face is coming under attack as you exit your vehicle, or as you are preparing to get into your vehicle. Use your vehicle as cover. When using a car as cover, do not get too close to it as ricochets may still hit you. Stay at least arm’s length away from the vehicle. Six feet away will be best. Don’t stick your hands beyond the vehicle, and don’t rest the firearm on the vehicle itself.

If you haven’t given much thought to training in and/or around the car, then perhaps it is time you started.

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