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15 February 2018 by Online Carry Training

Carrying a concealed weapon is a serious responsibility. It is one that should not be taken lightly. You need to be constantly on your guard when you carry a concealed firearm so that you do not make a mistake and injure yourself or someone else needlessly. There are certain things that you really need to pay attention to and specific things you should not do when you carry concealed.

  1. Failing to Secure Your Weapon

Always secure your weapon. You never want to leave a loaded weapon lying around the house because children or some other unauthorized person could get ahold of our gun and a tragedy could occur. If you are traveling in your car, putting your gun under the seat or in the glove box does not give you ready access to your gun. If you are in a car-jacking situation, while you are reaching for your gun the bad guy could get to it first and use it against you.  If the gun is not on your body, it needs to be secured under lock and key.

  1. Draw Your Gun To Threaten Someone

There is absolutely no acceptable reason to draw your gun unless you intend to use it. A firearm should never be used to settle an argument or threaten someone who has made you angry. It is a deadly weapon that should only be draw as a last resort when all other means of removing yourself from a threatening situation have been exhausted.

  1. Drink when carrying your gun.

Guns and Drinking do not mix well. Alcohol can put you in an altered state of mind that can cloud your perception of your surroundings, judgment, and reasoning and slow reaction time in a defensive situation. In some states it is illegal to carry a firearm while under the influence of alcohol. Never Drink While Carrying a Firearm.

  1. Shoot Without Training And Practice

Are you expecting to fire appropriately in an emergency situation without any training? Regular training and practice with dry firing and holstering is needed to train your brain and body to respond well in case of an emergency. These are not skills that are intuitive in nature. It takes skill, which is only developed by regular training and practice.

  1. Carry Without a holster.

Carrying a concealed gun without the holster will not give protection to the trigger. Even though you secure your pants with a tight belt, you cannot protect yourself from accidentally firing the concealed carry. If you are doing this, it's like you are putting yourself in danger. Every concealed carrier is required to have his/her own holster to protect himself/herself.

  1. Letting the imprint of your gun show through your clothing.

Select the proper carry clothing that will conceal your gun.

Check what you look like from the front AND behind in the mirror to make sure there is no gun-bulge before carrying concealed in public.

  1. Not paying attention the environment around you.

It does you no good to carry you concealed weapon if you are not attuned to what is happening around you at all times. That might mean eliminating distractions like headphones, smartphones etc. in order to be able to see, hear and react to defensive gun situation.

  1. Failing to respect “ No Guns Allowed” signs.

When it comes to private property or a business, most states acknowledge that the property holder has the right to discriminate against law-abiding concealed carry license holders. And that sign, so long as it is visible, is your first and perhaps only warning you’re heading into some place you’re not welcome. If you’re in a state that requires very specific signage, such as the Texas 30.06 signage, you’re risking your permit and potential criminal charges should you choose to violate that sign’s warning.

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