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19 June 2018 by Online Carry Training

It seems there are a lot of weapons experts, firearms coaches and generally professed gun gurus on YouTube theses days. A lot of them are pretty dry and boring, but there are some that are pretty well informed and worth paying attention to. They provide viewers with a series of educational videos that allow you to walk away knowing just a bit more, and knowledge is power. Then there are those that are just flat out showman, very entertaining and knowledgeable. Here are the 5 best YouTubers worth listening to about firearms.

Vickers Tactical
Larry Vickers is a decorated US Army Special Forces veteran and national pistol champion with nearly 2 decades of firearms experience. He is a respected firearms instructor and is also known as one of the premier 1911 pistol smiths in the country and his work has been featured in several firearms publications. As if that were not enough, he is also a technical expert and consultant to the Firearms industry. This guy is a legend and definitely knows his way around firearms. He is also the host to the wildly popular Tactical Impact and Tactical Arms show on YouTube. What’s the show about? It’s all in the name. Tactical Firearms. This is how it’s done.

If you crossed a redneck with a scientist, you would most likely get Cameron Martz, the Raleigh, NC host of the TwangNBang YouTube channel. Oddly enough, Cameron actualy was a pretty straight laced ivy League grad and business consultant with a penchant for guns. Martz owns a personal training company and on his show he reviews a lot of firearms (the bang) and bows (the twang). He uses a scientific method to test out and review the firearms and bows he likes or has heard about and does it in a funny, local yokel sort of way. The science and the jokes are spot on.

Eric Blandford served in Iraq in 2005. Mostly known for his small town southern charm he and the guys from Moss pawn down in Jonesboro, GA got their start with their popular Gun Gripes series. They present detailed reviews of firearms but the real fun is watching them put firearms through some grueling tests on air. To see how they perform. Their how to videos on gun etiquette and safety are also pretty awesome, and the How far will it kill videos are fascinating if you've ever been curious to know how many yards it takes a 9mm to kill something at.

Sootch00 is sure to have something everyone will enjoy, from firearm and knife reviews to what you should put in your car survival kit. Sootch00, also known as Don, believes that One of the best ways to help protect our Second Amendment is to promote the shooting sports and encourage personal responsibility for your own self defense. What better way to do that than spreading it through social media? Once someone buys a firearm, they want to protect the right to own it and many start to become interested in being more proficient. Whether you are trying to make a decision on a new gun purchase, how to install an accessory or gear that relates to guns, Don tries to guide viewers to make the best decision that suits their needs. He also gives a lot of shooting tips and training to give viewers ways to improve their own abilities. A CCW after your own heart.

Colion Noir
You may know him as an NRA News Commentator, or even before that as the guy in the baseball cap who so eloquently put anti-gunners in their place with pure logic. When Colion speaks people listen, and the fact is that he has the smarts to back it up, having passed the bar to become a lawyer. Mr. Noir reviews firearms, but more importantly—and what he’s most known for—is his bristiling commentary tackling some tough subjects that others wouldn’t dare go near. Here are some, just to name a few: “Joe Biden Shotgun Response,” “Why Anyone Needs an Assault Rifle,” “Why Are Black Leaders Anti-Gun?” and more. If you want to keep up with the issues in firearms, Colion is a must see. 

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